Frequently Asked Questions

What is ARE?

The Aŭtuna Renkontiĝo de Esperanto is an annual Esperanto event. Esperantists from the northeastern United States and eastern Canada come together to speak Esperanto and enjoy its culture. The event has been held at the Silver Bay YMCA campus in Silver Bay, New York, since 2005 (prior events were held in Vermont).

I’m a beginner. Will I be welcome?

Of course, you'll be welcome! Esperantists at any level are invited to participate and enjoy ARE. Speaking the language and listening to other speakers is important to gaining mastery of any language, and most Esperantists are patient and encouraging, willing to help you practice.

How much does it cost?

Registration for ARE costs $10 USD per person. However, this fee is waived if you register before August 31. Reservations to stay overnight on the YMCA campus cost extra. Please read our venue page to learn about the options available to you, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have.

Can I give a presentation?

Certainly! Presentations at ARE are given by participants who enjoy sharing their passions and expertise with other Esperantists. Anyone who can speak Esperanto at least at a conversational level and feels comfortable presenting may give a presentation. Although there’s no deadline for proposing a talk, please notify us as soon as possible so we can add you to the schedule.

Does the YMCA accommodate special dietary needs?

The dining hall in Boyd Center serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. You should discuss any concerns (i.e. nut allergies, gluten sensitivity, etc.) with a Silver Bay representative when you make your reservation so they can accommodate you as best they can.

Does the YMCA staff speak Esperanto (or French)?

Unfortunately, no. Staff at the Silver Bay YMCA only speak English. If you experience a problem and need help communicating, an event organizer will be more than happy to serve as a translator for you.